Marketing professionals take notice!

Usually decals are used on rear doors which is less dynamic as the message remains for twelve months or more. And gets tired looking Why? Too much hassle to change. Not with SpediFlex!

If you are a brand manager, marketing director or advertising executive for a manufacturer of consumer goods with your own fleet - then SpediFlex is for you.

SpediFlex is our rear door solution for ‘up and over’ rear doors. This can be installed in 15 minutes and changed in 10 minutes. The rear of a truck is a very powerful marketing platform.

As the trucks travel along freeways the consumer will see your brand message for 18.6seconds as they close on you from a distance of a hundred yards-like a tv commercial!! Don’t ignore the power of your fleet.

SpediFlex can be installed in only 15 minutes!, changed in 10 by your own trained staff.. the panels can also be reused.

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