Energise Your Fleet

Fleet Owners

If you own the fleet, you own a powerful outdoor media platform with Spedian.

By using your fleet as an outdoor media space, it becomes a natural part of your own marketing strategy. But the opportunities don’t end there – our unique software, Roadvert Media can predict the audience of your truck as it goes about its daily business We can predict the impacts before the truck moves then measure against the actual data captured by the software. Our iRoadvert beacon, integrated in the Spedian frame, broadcasts messages by location and time to consumer smart devices, phones and tablets.

The great advantage of Spedian is that it was developed by marketing people for marketing people with trucks and vans who lacked accountability for using their fleets for advertising.

And to keep the logistics team happy installation takes under one hour for most and changing under thirty minutes per side.

Minimum disruption, maximum gain.

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